What To Expect From Boudoir Session: Mental Preparation

How do you prepare emotionally for your boudoir session?

Photos by IntimateLensWithGG
You are terrified, uncomfortable, not sure of yourself, anxious, shy, awkward, exposed...These are some thoughts that will cross your mind when you book a session. But I can assure you after a glass of wine and a few bites of chocolate, you will start feeling relaxed and at ease to transition from fear to trust as I guide you step by step...

It is the expertise of the photographer that will take you on that special journey tailored just for your body type -- bringing the best out of you to capture the most sensual images of you that you will be proud to own and share.

There are so many different reasons for why we choose to do a boudoir session. Depends on the inspiration behind it, each boudoir session is uniquely designed for that occasion. The initial meeting is preferably in person. The photographer will ask you to provide images that inspire you. Instagram and Pinterest are good starting points. Keep in mind that all of us will choose images that we love but the main reason an experienced boudoir photographer ask for these images is to get you excited, to mentally prepare you, and to guide your expectation for a session tailored for your body type. Depending on the session type, we will discuss ideas for makeup, accessories, and outfits.