Boudoir Shopping Guide: Accessories

Let's think about your boudoir session for a moment, what is the motivation behind your session?

Accessorizing is FUN! Your accessories will change and it depends on that motivation. I always like to say before you dive into your drawers and jewelry boxes, or run out to shop please - Keep in mind, "LESS IS MORE" - we are going for an elegant and modern look.

This is the time to pull out those genuine pieces of jewelry. As Marilyn Monroe would say "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." Before we go more into accessories, ladies, here is another important reminder.

Don't forget to schedule time to pamper yourself - get a manicure and pedicure, shave, wax, or whatever you do to get your skin ready and drink plenty water and please do not do any self-tanning before the session, it’s very difficult to remove yellow hands and feet and uneven skin tones and strap lines etc. 

This is the time to make a decision on who you will use for your hair and makeup.
I highly recommend to hire a professional for this occasion. I do have a preferred hairstylist and makeup artist that I recommend, but you can always choose your own. If you use your hairstylist and makeup artist is please let the photographer know in advance. Please do not wait for the last minute to make this decision! The make up and hair is crucial for the success of this session. All these professionals get booked fast. Therefore, you might consider booking the hairstylist and makeup artist a few weeks ahead, so they can fit you in and take off that "stress" of your shoulder.

Now we can accessorize.

If you are the bride-to-be and this is a gift to the groom, then bring your engagement ring, family heirloom jewelry, veil, shoes you picked out for your wedding day.

On the other hand, for a session that is not as specific as a wedding, take into consideration the motivation behind why you booked a boudoir session. For this occasion, bring something that is meaningful to you or your relationship. These items could be as simple as a pillow personalized with a monogram, a specific clothing, a significant pendant, or fun things such as sport equipment. Keep in mind to stay simplistic. We only need a few items to convey the message.

What accessories come to your mind?


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