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Why Boudoir?

Why not? Let's face it. We all want to be that femme fatale to someone. But deep inside, we want to be that femme fatale to "The Woman in the Mirror".

Each morning, you get up, make yourself a coffee, tea and you walk up to your bathroom to get ready for the day. Who do you see first in the mirror? Who greets you in that mirror? You! We look at ourselves in that mirror and if we like what we see, then we can walk out through the front door with full confidence and feeling empowered to do miracles. If we do not like what we see, our day turns into weeks, months, years, and we lose ourselves. No matter who we are Mom, wife, sister, or just us. We need ourselves.

For me, Boudoir photography represents finding ourselves again and bringing back the femininity and self confidence that got lost within us.

If you are not sure what boudoir means?

It is a French word for a woman's private sitting room or salon. Boudoir is a furnished accommodation, traditionally located between th…

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